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Legal Disclaimer


Each Ludus Imperium Sandbag comes as one piece. Kindly note that sandbag is shipped empty to help you save shipping expenses. You will be required to purchase the sand you need. At most hardware stores, you can find 50 lbs. of sand for four dollars per bag; you can alternatively use the sand on the beach or the sand in your present location. Ensure the sand is devoid of elements that could perforate your filler bags. Kindly note that some individuals make use of rubber mulch, steel shot, rice, and pea gravel to fill their bags; it is crucial to note that the max weight of the bag will be determined by the density of the filler used to fill the bag. Instructions: - Insert the inner filler bag in the outer shell. - Rip open the double Velcro filler and fill with the preferred amount of sand. Ensure you do not overfill the bag, for proper sealing; make sure you use clean sand. - Place the remnant of the filled filler bag in the Ludus Imperium Shell - Zip up the shell, and pleat the zipper below the zipper tab - Enjoy your training!

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